Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Repetition (Detective Eyes #5a)

Did you see Mr. L. signing WHERE?

This has become a favorite game in my house right now.  As soon as anything or anyone is out of sight, we see the sign for WHERE.  This is always followed by someone asking "Where did it/he/the xxxx go?!"  When we find the "missing person/object" there's always lots of giggles.  Mr. L. especially enjoys playing the game over and over (and over!) with the same object.

Babies and Toddlers Learn Through Repetition

In addition to helping them learn cause and effect (my fork falls and makes a great sound every time I throw it on the floor), repetition helps our little ones build their memory skills and remember new information.  This also builds trust as s/he correctly anticipates what is about to happen.

Practice Makes Perfect!  

Just like us, our little ones like the feeling of success. Once they've mastered that new skill they've been practicing for so long, they may continue to repeat it for the excitement of continuing to be successful.  The excited fussing of mom, dad, or whoever else is around doesn't hurt either!

You can support this love for redundancy without feeling like your day is a broken record!  Read stories and sing songs a couple of times, then take a break before singing them again.  Find activities that let your little one experience doing things over and over like playing with a bucket of rice/sand/blocks/etc. and cups or boxes that can be filled and dumped.  Use this love to your benefit - create routines around meal time, bath time, and bed time.  It will help both you and your little one know what's coming!

Here's a website that helped me prepare my post today:

What does your little one love doing over and over (and over!) right now?

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