Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Baby, it's cold outside!

Much of the country is experiencing cold temperatures right now. I saw -16 degrees one recent morning!

Here are some common signs in my home lately: SNOW, COLD, BOOT, HAT, COAT

With temperatures so dangerously frigid, it can be hard to help our little ones use up their energy in ways that are safe and satisfying.  If the little ones in your life are anything like my two little boys, they need a great outlet for their creativity that involves lots of large muscle play - running, jumping, climbing, etc.   

We've been very lucky this winter to have some local INSIDE play spaces to test out.  They have been a blessing with all of the days that have been too cold to even bundle up and walk around outside safely!  The one we've frequented most, is a new indoor play space and cafe called Cafe O'Play

Their large space for running, climbing, sliding, and more has given us a safe place to burn some energy and given us a reason to leave the house on some of our recent cold days.One of the things I love about the staff there is how engaging they are.  When only a few kids are present, the staff is much more than just a safety monitor.  He or she is always running around with the kids playing whatever game they dream up.  On busier days, the staff members are often introducing more organized activities - parachute games, sharks and minnows, and all kinds of other ways to help a large number of kids get along in the same space.  The controlled chaos is magnificent!  With very few exceptions, every child I've encountered there has been behaved and pleasant.

When temperatures are a bit warmer, snow can be a lot of fun.  The fresh air and outside play time does wonders for everyone.  It almost doesn't matter what the activity is.  Just being outside is refreshing.  We've enjoyed building snowmen, making snow angels, sledding, shoveling the driveway, and even just flopping in a snow piles.

Even with all the winter fun that's been going on, I can' wait for green grass, warm breezes, and lots of outside fun!

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