Monday, September 30, 2013

Falling out of Summer

With a beautiful day and some free time, we decided to make a visit to a local farm/winery/pumpkin patch over the weekend.  There was lots of playing, and even a little learning to be done.

Here's our list of signs that were introduced/re-introduced:  PUMPKIN, TRAIN, PIG, FAR-AWAY

The big kid has also loved re-living the fun by telling Nana, Grandpa, and whoever else will listen about his trip to "go to the farmer."

And a couple of pictures from our fun day as well!

We've found that the more we can engage the big guy's large muscles the more cooperative he is in general.

Little Guy's Daddy and I decided we'd put him in the corn box to have a sensory experience.  We thought it would last about 30 seconds until he tried to eat the dry corn and it became a choking hazard.  We were happily surprised that he actually lasted several minutes before he toppled over and got some corn in his mouth.



What fun autumn activities have you participated in or have planned for this year?

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