Thursday, October 10, 2013

What to Expect....Month 3

Continuing with some milestones that are related to talking and signing....these are just a few of the highlights - there are lots of things going on in that little body right now. Little ones will develop at different rates.  If I mention he is "supposed" to be vocalizing pleasure and displeasure by 5 months and your little one isn't quite there yet, please don't panic.  If you're greatly concerned that your child is behind, please speak with your child's healthcare provider.

Also, keep in mind that, regardless when it happens, milestones will be reached in order.  Your baby won't start speaking in full sentences before she says single words.

Ok - here we go!

For babies around three months old, here is some of what you can expect:


  • Prefers brightly colored toys
  • Sharp contrasts are easiest to see


  • Turns head and may smile at parents voices
  • Love listening to a variety of music


  • Neck strength is improving
  • Hands open and shut
  • Hands can come together
  • Baby will swipe at toys
  • May hold a toy briefly

Language and Communication

  • Smiles for interaction and to show pleasure
  • Crying is no longer the primary means of communication
  • Cooing 
  • Babling in vowel sounds ("ooo" "aaaah" etc.)

Social Development

  • Baby is facinated with faces

Some activities you can do now:

  • Respond to your baby's coos as if they are spoken words
  • Have conversations with your baby (maybe narrate what you do throughout the day)
  • Read to your baby

What new activities is your little one enjoying this month?

Here are the websties that helped me compile this information.  Check them out to find even more details about what to expect during the first month of your baby's life:

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