Monday, October 14, 2013

What to Expect....Month 4

Continuing with some milestones that are related to talking and signing....these are just a few of the highlights - there are lots of things going on in that little body right now. Little ones will develop at different rates.  If I mention he is "supposed" to be vocalizing pleasure and displeasure by 5 months and your little one isn't quite there yet, please don't panic.  If you're greatly concerned that your child is behind, please speak with your child's healthcare provider.

Also, keep in mind that, regardless when it happens, milestones will be reached in order.  Your baby won't start speaking in full sentences before she says single words.

Ok - here we go!

For babies around four months old, here is some of what you can expect:


  • Close vision is well established
  • Depth perception is improving
  • Accurately tracks moving objects
  • Can look intently at an object


  • Recognizes voices
  • Looks for sources of sounds he hears


  • Can sit straight or nearly straight when propped up
  • Can hold onto an object placed in his or her hand (can't pick up an object off the floor yet)
  • Grasps objects with two hands
  • Places objects in mouth

Language and Communication

  • Shapes mouth to produce different sounds
  • Uses motion to gain attention (waves arms, etc.)
  • Becoming aware that labels exist for objects (Mommy, Daddy, cat, dog, etc.)
  • Begins to babble

Social Development

  • Laughs when tickled
  • Makes eye contact
  • Smiles at people spontaniously

Cognitive Development

  • Beginning to show memory

Some activities you can do now:

  • Place the baby in front of a mirror
  • Provide bright-colored toys to hold
  • Repeat sounds the infant makes, and encourage her to mimic sounds she hears
  • Help the infant roll over
  • Use an infant swing at the park if the baby has head control
  • Play on the stomach (tummy time)
  • Continue talking to your baby as you would anyone else, but also provide a break with quit time (no music, TV, etc.)

What fun new discoveries has your little boy or girl made this month?

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