Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Session....New Faces

Please help me welcome the new students who joined the Signing Smart family over the weekend!

Mr. H., Miss L., and Miss C. along with their families have started a noble journey.  This group is a tad older than my last few have been, so I'm excited to see thier progress as the weeks continue.  In fact, I spotted a first sign while we were in our first class!

Whether starting Signing Smart for the very first time or returning for a first round with a new family member the first weeks of class can seem daunting at times.  When will that first sign show up?  Will I recognize it? What if the he/she never signs back? Did I sign that the right way?  What am I forgetting from class?  All these questions, and certainly others as well, might come up.

Rest assured - you have the tools to do great things, you want to do great things for your WILL do great things for your child.  In fact, you already are!  Just by starting this journey and having the desire to give you child the gift of early communication, you are fabulous things for your child in the area of communication! Add that to the other great choices you've made about what to feed your child, which diapers to use, and how to love them and make them a part of your family - you are a SUPERSTAR!

What advice would you share with parents who are just starting their Signing Smart journey?

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