Sunday, March 23, 2014

Congrats to Miss M.!

Please join me in congratulating Miss  M.  and her family on graduating from the Signing Smart Beginner Play class!  

When I met Miss M., she had a few signs, but would typically only use them when prompted for the sign and given a visual reminder.   Miss M. and her family have worked hard during our time together and have lots to show for it.  They have learned countless new signs and have really taken the Signing Smart strategies to heart.  I'm so proud to say that Miss M. has now reached the language explosion.  She uses signs to initiate interactions, make requests,answer questions, sing songs, and more!  Her spoken language use is expanding loads as well.  

I had a blast playing and getting to know this family - just like the rest of my Signing Smart family members.  I look forward to getting to work with you again!

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