Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Recently, my family had the opportunity to visit relatives out of state.  I joined my husband, my boys and 4 in-laws in an RV and drove from Northeast Ohio to Southwest Oklahoma.  After a long 24 hours of driving, we spent a week with grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends making all kinds of memories. Look for the highlights of our trip, and our Signing Smart Opportunities, in a future post!

For today, I want to focus on something exciting that happened during our trip home.  Mr. L. has started combining signs into mini sentences!  The build-up to this achievement actually started early in the week.  We saw this sign countless times - can you recognize it?

It so happened, that there were lots of DOGGIES to see during our trip.  My in-laws brought along their wheaten terrier, the yard next door to the house where we stayed had 4 or 5 different dogs, another house we spent a few days at had a miniature schnauzer, and an aunt brought along her little dog as well.  Mr. L. was in love with them all.


After all of the practice he got signing DOG, and bonding with Mickey the wheaten terrier, Mr. L. was pretty quick to point out any dog he saw, and ask where his buddy was when he couldn't see Mickey in the RV.  At one point, well after dark, Mickey had found a spot to snooze on the couch, just out of Mr. L.'s line of sight.  So, of course the questions started - DOG, DOG, DOG, Mr. L. signed with a concerned look on his face. "Oh it's, OK, Bud," I told him.  "Mickey (DOG) is night-night (BED)."  And then it happened!  He signed DOG about half a dozen times, and then he added BED - a mini sentence!  "That's right, Mickey (DOG) is night-night (BED)," I repeated.  After that, Mr. L. seemed satisfied that his friend was safe and sound despite the fact that he couldn't see him - a relief for us both!

What is your little one's favorite thing this week?

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