Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Detective Eyes #8

It's been a while since I've been able to capture little ones signing with my camera.   Here's a look at the same boy signing the same sign 10 months apart.  They look similar, and yet, they are quite different.

Signs grow and change as our little ones grow and change.  Those hard to distinguish movements will turn into signs worthy of pictures in a dictionary.  It takes time and experience though!

Here's a video of Mr. L. from about a week after his first birthday.  Do you see his exaggerated sign at the end for HELP?  

Here is the same Mr. L. signing HELP at 22 months.

The hand shape is still two open hands, but the sign is changing.  He uses one movement like the sign class for instead of the repetitive clapping.  Plus, paired with the spoken word, his need is easily understood!

With continued exposure to the sign used correctly in a variety of contexts, Mr. L.  will continue to change and hone his own production of the sign.  Eventually, his signs will look like you might expect by studying dictionary pictures or online videos!

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