Thursday, June 27, 2013

Grumpy Monkey!

Signing with your little one will help to reduce tantrums and frustration - but, unfortunately, it won't wipe them out completely. There will still be those days that have earned both my boys the nick name grumpy monkey.

Sometimes, reminding your signer to use the signs he or she knows is a big help - a tap on the hand or even verbal request can be all it takes.  Maybe seeing you sign will do the trick.  Once your grumpy monkey is able to communicate what he or she is thinking, often the tantrum will naturally subside.

Easy - we've achieved toddler world peace!

OK, not quite.  There will still be times when your little one is overtired, overstimulated, or may not even know what the problem is.  In these situations, all the communication strategies in the world might not be enough. Sometimes, just like us adults, being able to label the problem doesn't solve it. These are the times we rely on our creativity to figure out/solve the problem at hand or distract from it.

What are your favorite go-to strategies when signs aren't enough to dispose of the grumpy monkey?

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