Thursday, June 13, 2013

How Do I Learn All Those Signs??

To  be honest, this is a topic that I struggle to give advice on.  I came to the program with a sizable ASL vocabulary already in place.  I wasn't trying to learn the signs to stay ahead of my little one's interests and developments. Signing Smart has some great tools for learning sign vocabulary, but HOW do you use them? Here's a few things I typically suggest, but I'm really interested to know your strategies too!

The diaper bag dictionary flash cardss are one fun tool.  These are great because they're durable and on a ring so they're easy to carry around.  It's also easy to break the deck apart and leave a few on the kitchen window sill, a few in the car, even a few actually in the diaper bag.  That way, whenever you have a few extra seconds you can quiz yourself or learn something new.

The ASL Glossary DVD is also really nice because it includes a description and mnemonic for each sign instead of just a picture/video of what it looks like.  It's easy to look up one specific sign you're looking to add to your vocabulary or browse through several as a refresher.

Practice with yourself in the mirror or at a red light.  It sounds silly, but it really helps you to internalize how each sign feels.

Practice with your partner.  Try to incorporate a new sign into conversation each week.  BONUS:  You can start talking to each other across the room or without someone else hearing!

What strategies have you tried?  What's been your favorite?

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